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Professional Training Ability


12 years of experience in the business, people comes and goes, the thing we have never changed is to provide professional skills and knowledge training. And by learning from previous trainings, we keep improving the content of courses and method of training. To make every Lutetia Partner become multi-skilled. 

Line ID :  cedricguyot

02 2874 3660


Lutetia is collaborating with CCIFT to promote French Culture and Social Media Management. As a Mid-scale company, CCIFT brings us closer to the Big Corporation from local and abroad, largely increase the possibility and potential for us to grow.

Wine Bottles

We work with Nicolas Wine, the biggest wine seller in France. Lutetia is one of the two companies Nicolas works with in Taiwan. We can offer you more than 1200 wine labels at all prices.


World cheese champion in 2017, best cheese worker (MOF) in France. We are lucky enough to offer you different cheeses with each arrival, carefully selected by Rodolphe Le Meunier. We are its exclusive supplier in Taiwan.

Cheese Platter
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